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WilderNESS Daycare
Arroyo Grande, California
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New Program: ALL ORGANIC menu, natural, healthy living instruction including gardening!

The WilderNESS Daycare is a located in one of Arroyo Grande California's best neighborhoods. My program is a great choice for parents who demand the best child care. When creating my infant and toddler program, I combined the best things about home daycare and child care centers. My clean, comfortable home is a place where children grow, learn and have fun.

-Markell, Director of WilderNESS Daycare, a licensed family daycare

We are a licensed daycare centrally located in the Five Cities area in Arroyo Grande, California near Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Oceano and San Luis Obispo with close freeway access.

Ages newborn through preschool

Lic # 406210474

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If you're looking for childcare in a fun atmosphere for your infant or toddler to learn, spend time outside doing fun, educational projects in a quality, clean, structured, loving family day care, give us a call, or email us!

Phone: 440-6705


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