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My name is Markell Ness. I am a mother of two young sons and the wife of wonderful husband. I decided to open The WilderNESS Daycare after we moved into our Arroyo Grande home. I was home with my youngest son and not working because I was not happy with the available child care options. In Marin County, where we lived before relocating to the central coast, I was a surgical assistant. My oldest son attended both a wonderful home day care and a great child care center. I felt that he prospered both socially and intellectually by being around other children. There were things I liked about both types of child care and I have incorporated those elements into my program. I truly love children and care deeply for the children and families that come here. I take the responsibility very seriously.

As a family we enjoy going to our cabin in the sierras for skiing, Geocaching ( and hiking. We also enjoy taking our dog Treeko to the beach. We are members of First Presbyterian Church in Grover Beach. We love spending time with our neighbors and their children. Our seven year old son is active in Cub Scouts and a serious martial arts student at The Pit.

My husband is co-owner of a formulating and manufacturing company specializing in salon hair care products. Two years ago they launched the Creo Care brand. They are doing well and hope to see it everywhere soon!

Thank you for your interest in The WilderNESS Daycare and for taking the time to read this.