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"A fantastic environment for young children. We searched long and hard prior to being referred to Wilderness Daycare. We feel fortunate to have our child here and appreciate that this Daycare is centered around quality care and obtaining children who are an appropriate fit with the other children." Quote from a review on at

-Matt (father of Amelie and Christian)

They are great with the kids. My daughter loves going there and has learned so much. I have observed how the owner, Markell, treats all the children and she is so good with the little ones and the older ones. What I like best is that they have educational curriculum and they always have a lot of fun. They always tell me what they did that day and it sounds like fun! They have done T-shirt painting, raising silk worms and butterflies, lady bugs, painting, making play dough, playing "sports" outside, singing, reading stories and learning concepts like "same" and "different", letters, numbers. They even have special guests, like a police officer, firefighter, etc. They are also creative with solving behavioral issues. For example, another parent had a child who screams very loudly when happy so they started to teach him to channel that into clapping when he's happy! They also feed the children good, healthy meals.

-Gina (mother of Danielle and Ben)

This is the MOST amazing daycare. Sometimes I actually feel that she is a better parent to Alex than I am, I am constantly amazed at what he learns when he is with her. She’s a great resource (for me anyway – since she has boys and I have one) as to what’s normal and what’s a phase, etc. She works with me when little behavioral problems pop up so that they don’t get out of hand. We don’t even call it daycare at my house, we call it school because I feel that’s almost what it is (and my son asks to go to “school” and some days when we don’t go, he’s sad).

She teaches the kids all sorts of stuff – I had always imagined that a daycare has a bunch of kids running wild and the TV is on and some are zoning out in front of it. Perhaps I’ve watched too many movies. She welcomes the parents to drop in any time. The times when I have, I’ve found her on the floor with all the kids around her and she’s reading to them. I’ve caught her “tapping” her head with a foam red triangle and all the kids are touching their heads, elbows knees with a different colored shape. The other day I dropped Alex off and they are raising silk worms and she was telling them all about them and what they eat and do and pointing out them eating (boy, I never knew they had such big mouths) – I was actually disappointed that I couldn’t stay (had a Dr’s appt) to learn more about them. They have raised butterflies and mealy worms. A couple of days ago they learned how to wash the car (the old fashioned way with a bucket and sponge) and gave the dog a bath. If the weather is good they are outside most of the day (TV’s rarely on and if it is it’s educational). She feeds them breakfast, lunch and two snacks. My son is 2 and he was early and has always been a little behind on things, when he started going (and mind you I take him on a drop in basis – so he’s there 1 or 2 days a week) he wasn’t talking (he did do sign language) he has just blossomed under her and saying all sorts of words. You couldn’t ask for a more loving nurturing environment.

She is very picky about the children she takes – ALL of her kids are precious and sweet and good natured. It’s very important to her that both the child and the parents are a good fit with the group. With the infants she has, someone is always holding them – I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen one just on the floor – but I’m sure she does have to put them down occasionally.

She has decided to expand her business and have a fulltime assistant – I want to see that happen for her. I might be shooting myself in the foot because she might not have room to take Alex – but she and her family are wonderful and I want only the best for them. I’m hoping that she’ll call me when one of the kids is on vacation so that Alex can still go. An example of the type of people that they are – I have been sick with pneumonia and my husband is CDF and has been off fighting fires and hasn’t been home for 27 days now. I “misplaced” my car keys yesterday and I called her to let her know what had happened and that Alex wouldn’t be there, I actually let the message with her husband. Knowing, that I should be resting, she called back and they offered to come get him for me – that’s just the type of people that they are. The world would be a better place if more people were like them.

-Spencer (Alex's Mom)